Little Buddhas

Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton, e-RYT500, has been teaching yoga to children since 2003, and training adults who work with children since 2007.

From babies to teenagers, Indiana to India, Diane has taught thousands of classes in hundreds of classroom and community locations, working with children and families both individually and in groups. Diane trained with the Yoga Center of Columbia, Tai Sophia Institute, Sanskrit Institute, Radiant Child, YoKid, Yoga4Classrooms, and Go Grounded. Diane’s work with children encourages consciousness and connection – inward and outward, indoors and outdoors – with self, society, and nature. 

As a social justice activist, connecting beyond culturally created disproportions, disadvantages and discrepancies is at the core of Diane’s teaching practice. 

Diane writes, “Through the practices of yoga, we invite moments of complete connection.  In this connection, our self becomes a larger Self. In this place, we are able to hold and experience the pain of others, bring into balance areas of imbalance, and heal suffering. There is no question in this place about why justice and reparation are necessary. They are necessary for peace and wholeness. This is true personally, communally, societally, environmentally, universally.”


Ithaca, New York

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Arcata, California

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