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Yoga Story Time

Yoga Story Time sessions can be designed for families and children through age 8 or solid readers and teens.

For families and children through age 8:

For young children, yoga storytime is centered around a children’s picture book, with movement, music and activities to enhance the theme.  These classes can accommodate up to 50 participants in a large community room.

For children 9-12:

For solid readers, creative yoga time promotes literacy with movement-based yoga stories and literature-inspired mindfulness. These classes offer children the opportunity to become engaged in written and spoken word, while increasing balance, coordination, flexibility, self-regulation and more. Creative yoga time includes poetry study, creative writing technique, and the study of folk tales and classics. The interactive, movement-based class style is ideal for experiential, tactile, kinesthetic learners. Classes often appeal to book lovers and book avoiders, alike.

For young people 13-18:

Tweens and teens develop literary awareness, vocabulary, writing skill, and content analysis, through movement-based games and activities designed to promote self-study, mindful attention and stress reduction.  Expression and acknowledgment of emotions is encouraged through literary example.

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Ithaca, New York

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Arcata, California

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