Little Buddhas

Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton has been teaching yoga to children since 2003. After taking a leave of absence from her veterinary career in 2005 to heal from Stage 3 cancer, it became evident that teaching yoga to children would be her life’s work. 

From babies to high school, Indiana to India, Diane has taught thousands of classes in hundreds of classroom and community locations, working with children and families both individually and in groups.  Diane has trained with Yoga Center for Columbia, Tai Sophia Institute, Sanskrit Institute, Radiant Child, YoKid, Yoga4Classrooms, Little Buddhas and Go Grounded. Diane’s work with children encourages consciousness and connection with self, society, and nature.  In the corporate world, Diane trains adults in Mindful, Inclusive and Collaborative Culture focused on the development of inner potential.

As a lover of academics with an ADHD diagnosis, Diane is especially passionate about creating motion and music-based curriculums at the elementary level; and neuroscience awareness and adequate activity levels in secondary years.  As a life-long athlete, Diane is passionate about establishing non-competitive options for physical activity at all ages. As a social justice activist, connecting beyond culturally created disproportions, disadvantages and discrepancies is at the core of Diane’s teaching practice.  Finally, as a cancer survivor and sister of a suicide-attempt survivor, Diane is passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection provided through yoga practice, and intimately aware of the importance of providing these foundational tools to vulnerable children in schools.

Ithaca, New York

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Arcata, California

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