Yoga Camps

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Yoga Camps
Our Arcata, CA location offers yoga camps for kids during summer, school breaks, and school-out days. 
Yoga camp is an opportunity to weave yoga and mindfulness with free play and heart-centered crafting. Kindness and inclusion are prioritized in these camps for children of all abilities.

Yoga Summer Camp 

July 7-10, 2020 and August 4-7, 2020

4-day yoga camp, $125 if a deposit is paid by June 15th ($150 after).  

Children will learn yoga, movement, and mindfulness through song, story, games, breathwork, relaxation techniques and more.  Camp blends spacious includes indoor/outdoor free play with circles to practice yoga, mindfulness, craft projects, breathwork, relaxation, and feeling awareness so please dress for the weather.  Bring lunch/snack daily and a simple light colored t-shirt (any style) for a painting project. 

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Classes & Private sessions

Little Buddhas

Our Classes

Our classes bring yoga to children from toddler to pre-teen through song, game, yoga, storytelling, breathwork, mindfulness activities, group and partner poses, and so much fun.

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Class Descriptions

Parent/Baby:  A postpartum class for parents to connect with baby and one another, while offering baby connection and gentle movement to promote calm and wellness. Pose instructions include postpartum healing and core strengthening (as well as awareness of abdominal separation/special needs); classes inclusive of fathers and adoptive parents or specialized upon request.

Parent/Toddler: For an adult with a child aged 18 months through 3 years old. Introduces children to yoga in a fun and playful way, including songs, games, stories, and partner poses.  Offers the opportunity for parents and children to connect with one another and with the community in an intentional space.

Family:  For any number of adults and children per family.  Geared toward ages 4-11 while offering a workout for interested adults!  Songs, games, story and group experience, including introductions to mindfulness and meditation. 

Children’s Yoga (ages 3-6): A children-only class that brings yoga to children through song, storytelling, games, mindfulness activities, relaxation, breathwork, and so much fun. 

Children’s Yoga (ages 6-9): For the growing child, this class includes more storytelling, advanced games, daily mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, and cognitive development.

Pre-Teen Yoga (ages 10-12):  At this age, class still includes cooperative games and a playful spirit, with adult languaging to meet preteens where they are comfortable and capable. Single gender or mixed.

Teen Yoga (13-18):  An adult class without the adults.  Judgment-free zone with intentionally created space for exploration and validation of tough emotions.  A gentle yet physically active class with plenty of opportunity for a mental challenge, focus and relaxation.  Single-gender or mixed.

Bring the joy of connection into your living room, personalized for the needs of your family members and lifestyle on any given day!

  •   Enjoy family time honoring the inner feelings, needs and truths of the people you are closest to.
  •   We will tell age appropriate stories, play games, sing songs, practice mindfulness, and find a balanced center for the family to focus on.

Play together as we develop a shared language around how to handle stress, tension, and big emotions throughout the day.

We begin private programs with a child-centered intake, that allows us to collaborate with parents in the creation of prioritized goals for the child.  One-on-one sessions with the child in your home or a comfortable location will focus on teaching the child the tools necessary to achieve these goals on their own in a committed daily or weekly practice. 

Ongoing private sessions can help support general resilience and emotional regulation, as well as specific issues such as

  • Sibling Adjustment
  • Divorce Response
  • ASD
  • ADHD
  • Performance Stress
  • Athletic Injury

“The yoga class Courtney leads is the most beautiful piece of teaching I have ever seen.  She is so present, so filled with love, so playful, so willing to let each child be where he or she is at.  She is a joy to watch.” 

Mother of a student

“My children used to take Little Buddhas classes. Now I have my own daily practice each morning, which is truly transformative.”
Kartik, parent

“I am so grateful that my daughter has yoga with Diane each week.  She comes home and teaches [my partner and I] how to stay calm. She says we need to practice breathing.” 
Mia’s mom

“After a series of mindfulness sessions with Little Buddhas, my seven-year-old child with high functioning autism observed his 4-year-old brother having a tantrum, and he said to me, ‘He needs to go learn some yoga exercises.’”</span


Teacher Trainings

Little Buddhas

Teacher Training
Bring yoga to children from toddler to pre-teen through song, game, yoga storytelling, breathwork, mindfulness activities, group and partner poses, and so much fun.
Perfect for parents, social workers, occupational therapists, preschool and grades teachers, pediatric doctors/nurses, anyone involved in the lives of children.
Meet children where they are, offering them a practice that can last a lifetime, supporting them to handle difficult emotions, become more flexible and balanced, and arrive in the present moment.  Includes extensive manual, ongoing support, and certificate.
This training is offered as 15, 30, 90 or 200-hour programs.  The 200-hour program is certified by Yoga Alliance. This training dives deeply into philosophy, anatomy and child development while building a personal practice, which is the heart of being an effective teacher and model for children.  This training also offers the student many hours of teaching practice and observation with feedback for growth.

Private or group coaching is also available to develop your children’s yoga teaching, studio, business or private practice.

Most training modules are also available as intensive workshops. These include: Storytelling Yoga, Musical Yoga, Breathing for Children, Calm Household, and Mental Wellness. Contact Us for a Current Training Schedule
“This training, whether you are a teacher or not, is brilliant.  Courtney teaches from her heart, combining her love of children are mindfulness. Thank you for teaching me another way to connect with children and their world.”
Priscilla, School Principal

I can’t say enough great things about this duo and their teacher training. I’d take it again to further my skills!
Training Participant

Little Buddhas teacher training was incredible! Courtney and Diane made it fun, ignited a spark in those of us attending, and made it personally applicable to our future goals.  I learned invaluable tips and tricks for constructing a class and modifying plans to meet the needs of participants. Their ideas for games, mindfulness training across the ages (preschool too!), and breath work are clear and engaging. Most importantly, they provided such a wealth of material in their amazingly comprehensive written manual…I still rely on that a year later because each time I go through it, I find new ideas and material for teaching children’s yoga classes!
Stephanie, School Psychologist

Ithaca, New York

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Arcata, California

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